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The currently used DVB standard provides for encrypted channels to be decoded according to the following procedure: A subscriber receives a smart card from their content provider.

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The relevant key is sent to the card via satellite. As each card features a unique serial number content providers are in a position to activate or deactivate each individual smart card as necessary.

In order to decode the encrypted transport stream transmitted by the satellite a code is required which is regenerated every few seconds.

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This code is calculated directly by the CI module or — in case a proprietary receiver with built-in card reader is used — by the internal chipset of the box, using a number of different parameters which include — among others — the key that is stored on the smart card. Some content providers such as Sky Digital in the United Kingdom provide proprietary partnervermittlung vezető teszt and consequently force their customers to only use certain approved receiver models which feature an integrated smart card reader and an internal chipset on the main board that takes care of decoding encrypted signals.

This type of encryption holds a number of benefits for providers easy komoly találkozó hivatal párizs of encryption system, full control over which features are supported by proprietary receivers, etc.

Subscribers, on the other hand, are left with no choice and have to take what their provider deems right for them. For example, content providers are able to determine that recordings that are saved on the internal hard disk cannot be transferred to external storage media such as DVDs.

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Or even some EPG features may be blocked, such as searching for programs partnervermittlung vezető teszt channels that are not part of the subscribed package. If, however, a content provider allows the use of CI common interface modules, subscribers are free to use the provided smart card in any receiver they like, provided it is compatible with the CI standard.

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This option gives full control to the user rather than the provider, as any CI compatible receiver can be used, and whenever new features become available a new receiver can be bought and used. Table 1: Overview of some encryption systems It measures 10 by 5.

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A CI module simply has to be inserted into the corresponding slot on the receiver and instantly adds the option of pay TV reception with a valid smart card.

Table 1 lists the most widely used encryption systems and whether CI modules are available for them or not.

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