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We really hope you enjoyed it too and we cannot wait to see everything!

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I really am so excited to see the videos, I hope it was ok when I was getting ready, I was very nervous and stupidly didnt have a great tshirt on, my mind was completely somewhere else!! We love the composition, the cuts, the quality of the pictures, the way the camera esküvői videó know so dynamically, how the music fits perfectly to each scenen, basically everything!!!

esküvői videó know mivel az online társkereső

We are very happy and cannot thank you enough!!! I have watched it even the older one i think times. It is just incredible!!

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter A videós rögzítette kínos pillanat a menyasszony és az esküvői fotós között, ami az egész násznépet sokkolta. Felhasználó jpvideographyJohn Pattyson néven, megosztotta a TikTok eseményének felvételeit. A feliratban kifejtette, hogy a fotós véletlenül a menyasszonyt hívta a vőlegény volt barátnője után. Pattyson gyakran oszt meg őszinte esküvői videókat. Dekódolja és demisztifikálja a legújabb generációs Z internetes zsargont.

Really, we love it!!!!! My parents cried and loved it also.

Csilla Péter

Everyone is really impressed, thank you for that. IF we wanted later could you make another movie, with our material — just because its so amazing. You are all extremely talented!

esküvői videó know az emberek tudják, harcsa

I really admire your work. You have everyone in joyful tears. Everyone is talking about it.

Minden úgy ment, ahogy megbeszéltük, nagyon kedves és segítőkész a csapat!

I already know when we have a baby in a few years we will see each other again if not at a wedding before! We are really sorry that you had so many sleepless nights and http work.

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But of course we are suuuuper suuuper happy about our video! It is kind of a master piecework!

Vivi és Nándi esküvői videó - Aranyhalas Tanya

All the tiny random emotions you captured — wow! We really liked the fast, rocking intro at the beginning.

esküvői videó know megismerni házas

The smiles, the switches. Thank you thank you very much for your work, you really have a very special major part in our wedding!!