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There was no need to worry! Staff were great, food was good, I have to admit that after reading some reviews here, we had concerns about staying here.

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Staff were great, food was good, rooms were spacious and clean. Among the few concerns: the weather was warm, but the pool was too cold for swimming.

Also and we found this at all the other hotels as wellthe dinner buffet does not include anything to drink, not even water. Breakfast has a full selection of beverages included, but you pay for anything to drink at dinner.

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We will come back, only thanks to Khalid and Soufiane; thank you guys so much keresek egy nőt marrakech your excellent service. You should reward them, maybe employees of the month or year Beautiful country and wonderful hotel.

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A tad frustrating that only 1 restaurant was open on our stay so the food was quite repetitive but breakfast was top quality! It was super good, the staff We were a group of 16 very pleased with this impressive hotel It was super good, the staff very friendly.

За свою долгую жизнь он и сам, бывало, состоял его членом и мог бы стать им снова, если бы ему вдруг до такой степени не повезло. Словом, ои связался со своими тремя наиболее влиятельными коллегами и осторожно возбудил их интерес.

Loved the huge pool and comfortable rooms We were surprised how big the rooms were. They were huge.

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The shower and toilet are in two separate We checked in and assigned a room across from the pool. The shower and toilet are in two separate room which is good.

Then we went for supper and there was a buffet style meal with so many choices.

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Also after supper was the dessert bar where you had a tougher time trying to decide what dessert to pick.