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Listen Later May 24, So often incredible ideas surface in our minds and we discount them and discard them.

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What if you went on a journey to generate more ideas, and what if you knew how to manage them in a way that would help you bring them to fruition? It's Me! Time here on Motivate Me! Before we start, let's get into the right headspace.

Podcasts about MOME

Let's engage in the idea that this is time where YOU are the akarlak társkereső. Let's take two slow, deep breaths to get us centered. Just follow me.

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For me, it's when I'm creating. And when I'm in my creative zone, ideas upon ideas continue to come to me. Being open to these ideas is part of why and how I believe they flow so fluidly, but it's my job to manage them - and to organize them.

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When I was oldal északi találkozik to reclaim my passion, I had to make changes in my approach to being creative. At one point, I had found legal pad after legal pad that was filled with ideas and fiction writing I had put on paper, but I'd put those pads down and never looked at them again.

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I knew I couldn't let that happen this time around, because I was setting the intention that this time wasn't going to be like the rest. That this time I would collect and categorize my work, and that something substantial would come from meet joko és klaas.

So, I took all the notes I'd been writing in my little one-subject notebooks, I busted out a big blue binder and an un-opened pack of dividers with tabs, and I set up my organizer.

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I had loose notebook paper on a clipboard, and whenever I had a question or idea, I wrote it out, I journaled, I found an answer, and I locked it into the binder. If I had an essay idea or product idea, I wrote that down, too, and locked that into my binder.

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You get the picture. I wrote everything meet joko és klaas I dated everything.

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Why date what you write? Because it gives our ideas value, because every important document is dated, because what I wrote on this paper was important. And won't it be fun one day to look back on where it all began?

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Yes, I set that intention with every step of my process. They say if we collect our ideas and keep them organized and together, the weight of them will carry them to fruition. Why not give that theory a shot?

Aki á-t mond, mondjon bé-t is. Ha adnak, vëdd el, ha ütnek, szaladj el. Kui antakse, võta vastu, kui lüüakse, jookse ära. Jos sinulle annetaan, ota, jos sinua lyödään, juokse pois. Wenn dir etwas gegeben wird, nimm es, wenn du geschlagen wirst, lauf weg.

During this whirlwind of a time, something happened. I had been meditating and journaling and excited about helping people with what was bringing my passion back, and I was reminded how much I enjoyed the process of creating. That, yes, I want to produce something valuable to help as many people as possible, but I was filled with actual joy just in the doing of the thing.

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And that's what I continued to focus on: the process. Now more than ever, I realize that I am in love with the process of creating and not the outcome of it. Learn to love the process and let whatever happens next happen, without fussing too much about it.

Work like a monk, or a mule, or some other representative metaphor for diligence. Love the work.

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Destiny will do what it wants with you, regardless. To give you an idea of what I mean, here are some of the projects I have worked on: I have completed the writing of two novels they're not published, but they are written! I've designed a podcast, a state tour, and now this program about reclaiming your passion and coming back from flat.