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January, When 9. Perhaps the most well-known and famous part of this collection is the body of artworks that represents the period of Pop Art.

The collection of the Ludwig Museums alone is abundant for creating a survey exhibition of international Pop Art. The allure of Pop Art lies in the fact — made evident by this exhibition — that succeeding the abstract tendencies, which had kept a considerable distance from the audience, it reintroduced a pks menyasszonyok of figurative representation into the contemporary art of the time, which, owing to its everyday references, was familiar and seemingly easy to interpret for the public.

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At the same time, paradoxically, these works provide a critique of consumer society by translating the mechanism of daily consumption into art, offering the artworks i. This is also true of representations that already criticize a specific subject, such as the Vietam war, the representational modes in mass media.

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The exhibition is partly realized as a collaboration of the Ludwig Museums; prior to nő know oldenburg Budapest show, it was on display at the Ludwig Museums of Cologne and then Vienna. On the one hand, these pieces are based on the use of everyday objects in the period, and on the other hand, they provide a line-up of local cultural references.

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